Introducing Meta Capital Ventures

At Meta Capital, we invest more than money. We believe in collective power and promote strategy, technology, marketing, and product partnerships among our portfolio and across the wider NFT and metaverse community.

By building momentum to the right financial innovations, Meta Capital is paving the path to a more inclusive web3. Together, we can innovate NFTs as a utility, define the metaverse, and unlock a new chapter in crypto.

Meta Capital Ventures

We are thrilled to announce our new branch of Meta Capital. As a new utility to Meta Capital’s line of products, Ventures will fund and build new products in the NFT and metaverse space. Ventures will allow MCAP token holders to access exclusive privileges such as whitelists and token generation events.

Working with artists

One big issue for web2 artists is the current lack of resources for transitioning their artwork into the web3 space. Talented artists can create income from their work in the form of NFTs. However, most don’t have the funds or the network to get started. Meta Capital solves this issue by connecting artists with developers. Artists will be able to monetize art in the web3 ecosystem, from day one to the solution that fits.

Working with builders

Our vision of the metaverse is a platform where power belongs to users. Content creators will pioneer what the metaverse will be defined as. Presently, there is little incentive for content creators to build on the current metaverse platforms. Meta Capital solves this issue by funding builders to create new and exciting entertainment areas for users. Incentivized builders will have the freedom to build how they want to build.

“We’re very happy with this new strategic direction with Meta Capital, in which we further explore the NFT and metaverse domain. It’s a great opportunity for us to combine our strategic, creative and technological expertise. We’re very excited to build new relationships with amazing artists and content creators and thereby bring together capital, knowledge, and innovation.” — Strategic Advisor MCAP

Benefits to MCAP holders

Current MCAP token holders may be eligible to be first in line to new products funded under the Meta Capital Ventures umbrella. There are unlimited possibilities in ways holders can be rewarded. Some benefits (but not limited to) includes: NFT whitelists, alpha tests, founder status, token airdrops, and token generation events.

Roadmap ahead

Behind the scenes, Meta Capital has already contacted several artists and builders to work on new projects. The projects’ names and contents will be disclosed at a future date. Ultimately, we want to reveal and ship new products in Q2 2022.

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